Alaina Love

The vital link between purpose and passion

May 6 | 11am EDT

Now, more than ever, your clients depend on you to identify ways they can operate at full potential, work authentically and deliver outstanding results. One of the most powerful tools you can use to achieve this goal is by helping clients understand their passions and how to leverage them for success.

This webinar offers actionable strategies for integrating client passions into coaching conversations. Alaina Love, CEO of Purpose Linked Consulting and a former global HR executive for Merck & Co., Inc. will share research and fieldwork on the vital link between purpose and passion that describes:

  • How clients can use their passions to lead with authenticity and achieve a competitive edge
  • The 10 passion archetypes operating in the workforce and how they contribute to achieving strategic goals
  • How to identify and measure the passions of your clients
  • The vital link between client passions and deepening affiliation to their organization
  • Strategies for using passion to help your clients create a high performing, inclusive cultures