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CB is a member of MG100, a speaker, a trainer, and the CEO of Workplace Equity & Equality (WEE) an organization focused on moving intent and commitment to action in the workplace using empathic and experienced-based communication training and coaching. CB’s LinkedIn Live show “CB Bowman LIVE: Workplace Equality & Equality” is one of Apple podcasts most listen to shows.

She is also ranked as the #1 “coach for increasing the quality of coaching” for her work as the CEO of the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches (ACEC) and the MEECO Leadership Institute. CB is ranked as #14 by Global Gurus for her work in branding. In CB’s LinkedIn Live show “CB Bowman LIVE: Challenges of the C-Suite” she interviews renowned leaders in industry and human behavior to inform executive coaches, leaders, and experts in the latest news, theories, and models of excellence.

The goal of ACEC is to support experienced executive coaches who understand the triggers and challenges that high-level executives face as leaders of their organization. The clients of our members rave about the impact of their partnership. They see the ROI, they achieve as a result of this partnership which allows their clients to reach previously unimaginable levels of performance and enterprise-wide results.

At ACEC we understand the frustration that is experienced when master-level corporate executive coaches are lumped together with those who have little to no experience or inside knowledge of the corporate/organizational environment. That’s why we created ACEC – The Association of Corporate Executive Coaches, where the world’s top-tier executive coaches collaborate, build relationships and foster new opportunities as part of an elite tribe. To recognize that ACEC members are “enterprise-wide business coaches™”, coaches can apply and receive the designation of Master Corporate Executive Coach – MCEC.


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