Jeff Kirschner

Coaching Solopreneurs

June 3 | 11am EDT

It is now more critical than ever before that Executive Coaches understand how to coach Solopreneurs. The new normal requires that coaches possess a range of skills to work with this type of client. This is due to the fact that their needs and concerns are remarkably different than that of leaders in large organizations.

ROI, Growth strategies, family responsibilities are just a few examples of areas where these become exceedingly more intense. There are few people within the organization for the founder to turn to for guidance, advice, coaching, and or consulting. Often times the solopreneurs have faced failure in previous business attempts, and yet they have mustarded enough strength and courage to start again.

Jeff will enlighten us by sharing the pitfalls that Solopreneurs face so that the end result between the coach and the coachee is a successful engagement.


  1. A Better understanding of which coaching tools will support solopreneurs
  2. Understanding of the difference between coaching a solopreneur vs. an organizational leader.
  3. Understand the different triggers a solopreneur face and the result of negative consequences.