Rhett Power

Courageous Leadership

May 20 | 4:00pm EDT

Courage is not only fundamental to every transformation, but it is also the ultimate competitive advantage. Being courageous requires us to calm our emotional state, think differently and, finally, act differently. This emotional regulation enables difficult conversations, choices, interactions, and organizational change. In this talk Rhett, shares how the future will belong to those leaders who are Courageous. He also explores how to create a culture of high trust and faith –  a “Got Your Back” culture grounded in conviction. Finally, this talk helps leaders put a rally cry in their “why” so they can galvanize their teams with a true purpose that’s emotional, truthful, meaningful, and different.

Takeaways: You will share tools that help your team challenge norms, address tough conversations, self-reflections for personal and professional development and incredible chance to build team camaraderie trust and purpose.