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Paul Allen

CEO of; Founder

As a serial entrepreneur, Paul has spent his career building mission-driven companies with talented individuals from different fields.  As a founder of 8 companies,  Paul has led many executive teams to perform at high levels and engineer hyper-growth into their products and services.  Although he is best known as the Founder of (now worth nearly $5 Billion), Paul is hoping to make a larger impact with his current company 

The mission of Soar is to uplift humanity by making the world’s most important content, thinkers, and coaches more accessible in a frictionless technology platform.  

From a young age,  Paul knew he loved technology. He began coding at age twelve and continued to cultivate this interest and skill throughout his life.  After graduating from BYU, Paul delved into the world of technology as an entrepreneur.  His first company’s mission was to “to digitize the most important books in every field of human knowledge and make them available on CD ROM.”  Ancestry’s mission was similar to his first company in that they aimed to “digitize all the world’s genealogy records and make them available online.”

Paul is passionate about providing people with the platforms and tools they need to accomplish tasks and develop their personal and professional lives.  In 2012 he discovered a tool called the StrengthsFinder 2.0.  He was amazed by the insight and direction that was given by the assessment.  Recognizing the need to make this product available to everyone, Paul became Gallup’s Global Strengths Evangelist and is now considered one of the world’s leading authorities on the life and teachings of Don Clifton, the father of strengths psychology.


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