Doug Sandler
JJ Flianes

Marketing Your Brand in a Virtual Environment, Maximizing Your Impact Online

June 3 | 4:00pm EDT

Maximize the impact of your executive coaching practice, using PODCASTING and the online virtual space.

The virtual world can seem daunting, but it doesn’t need to be this way. While the core practice of your executive coaching business has not changed, marketing and exposing your brand and your practice certainly has. Join Doug Sandler and JJ Flizanes, experts in the world of online marketing, podcasting, webinars and online course creation as they take a detailed look at growing your coaching business in the online space. Getting the message out about what you do and how you do it is easier now than ever, but you will need to know the essential components. This conference session will share, in detail, some of the key elements for creating buzz for your coaching practice in the virtual world.


  • A list of the benefits for podcasting and the online space
  • The foundational elements for efficiently creating content while marketing executive coaching services
  • Clear steps to creating a strategy for entry into the virtual arena