Martin Lindstrom

The Ministry of Common Sense

May 20 | 11:00am EDT

Strategy eats culture for breakfast.  Companies have never been so overwhelmed with emails, reports, data, statistics, and endless PowerPoint presentations, while at the same time preaching the importance of culture.  Notice any conflicts?

Lindstrom takes his audience on a deep, remarkable dive inside some of the world’s largest organizations and their daily challenges as they rediscover, build, and maintain powerful cultures.

What happened when Maersk, the world’s largest shipping company, was paralysed by a two-month global cyber-attack?  When Lowes Foods faced two choices: to completely change their business model or to close down the entire retail chain? Or when Standard Chartered, the world’s 10th largest bank, realize that “common sense” had completely vanished from the behaviour of their 90,000 staff members, leading to overly complex service offerings and immense customer frustration?

In each of these cases, culture became the saviour.

As the spearhead of these and many more remarkable culture transformation projects worldwide, Martin Lindstrom takes the audience behind the scenes and shares what it takes to bring culture front and centre in organizations that had been paralysed by bureaucracy, compliance and inefficacy.

Viewing bureaucracy as a disease, the Lindstrom team rebuilt the purpose of the organizations, reinvigorated and empowered the staff, and, most importantly, systematically removed the red tape tat was killing entrepreneurship and productivity.  In one organization, Lindstrom and his team banned PowerPoint presentations.  In another, they entirely removed the CC function from Outlook.  Meetings were limited to maximum four participants, and smart phones were banned.  In one case, he even introduced a special division called The Ministry of Common Sense.  And in every case, it worked!

In just two years, Maersk recovered and added an additional 43% to their global brand value.  Lowes became the most innovative retailer in the U.S., and Standard Chartered nearly doubled their share price.

Presentation Takeaways :

  • What is takes to create a powerful culture, reverse poor staff morale, and attract top talent
  • About common sense initiatives (low-hanging fruit) that can, within weeks, infuse hope in the organization, boost morale, and improve productivity.
  • The step-by-step roadmap to transform a bureaucratic organization into a powerful culture.
  • The classic pitfalls and misunderstandings that jeopardize 9 out of 10 culture projects – and how to systematically avoid them.