Paul Allen

why coaching is so important to entrepreneurs/Solopreneurs

May 20 | 2:30pm EDT

As a serial entrepreneur and founder of eight companies (best known as the Founder of, Paul appreciates the critical importance of coaching entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in today’s ever-changing environment. He will discuss what entrepreneurs need from a coach and how to best support driven creators in their new business ventures.

Additionally, as an avid lover of technology, Paul will share his insights into the role that technology will play in the future of coaching and learning.


Human beings are the greatest of all creations. You and I are blessed to be on our journey through life on this beautiful planet.

We don’t get to choose everything, but we do get to choose how we will respond to everything life throws at us–or offers to us.

To maximize our time on the earth, we need to understand our identity–who we are and why we are here.

Alex Haley, the author of Roots, said that in each of us there is a “deep hunger, marrow-deep, to discover our heritage, to know who we are and where we came from.”

We started in 1996/7 so more people could discover their family stories. Much of our identity and resilience comes from deeply knowing and appreciating our ancestors–and what they did to get us here.

Another part of our individual identity is our natural talents. Gallup invited me to evangelize the global strengths movement for nearly 5 years. I soaked up the teachings of Dr. Don Clifton, the father of strengths psychology and grandfather of positive psychology, and met great people who were taught and trained by him.

Today, Soar’s mission is to unlock the potential of billions of human beings.

Our coaching platform featuring thousands of amazing coaches who unlock potential one person at a time.

Our voice-first AI-based personal recommendation engine is being designed to help you reach your full potential and make the best use of your time on earth.

Our large library of curated audio content will help people learn and grow every day.
You can use Soar to connect you to the most useful content, the best ideas, the greatest thinkers and coaches and authors and teachers in the world.You will guide the AI to help you reach the outcomes you want in life.

Don Clifton said that strengths only grow in relation to other human beings.

Soar can connect you to those people who will inspire and inform you and help you soar at work and in life.