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MG100 member | CEO of Workplace Equity & Equality (WEE), the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches (ACEC) and the MEECO Leadership Institute

President, Thought Leader, Coach and Advisor to Brilliant Leaders and Successful Executives

Eugene Frazier

Founder and CEO - EF Choice & Assc.

Strategy + Execution Consultant | Speaker | Author of Ruthless Consistency

Executive Coach, PCC, MBA

Senior Vice President, Global Diversity
& Inclusion - Bank of America

President & CEO Mercedes Martin &

CEO - Terry Hildebrandt & Assocciates

Fintech Mentor, Executive Advisory Board Member at Facebook

Founder | Owner at Pine Mountain Digital, Inc.

Co-Founder Courageous Leadership, Forbes Columnist MG100 Coach

CEO at Turnkey Podcast, Podcast Producer & Coach, Business Consultant & Coach

Host, Trainer, Author, Strategist

Leadership Coach, Consultant, and Educator

Host of the Mindset Zone Podcast | Founder of Solo Biz Academy

Member of Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches, Baldoni Consulting LLC


International Virtual Entertainer

Jeff Smith

Founder and CEO of SupportingLines
Yoga Enthusiast